Rapid Recovery v2.7

About Rapid Recovery™

Rapid Recovery™ is a uniquely powerful data recovery tool; designed and developed by forensic software specialists and bench tested by professional data recovery engineers. The software was originally developed by forensic investigators and law enforcement agencies for use in criminal cases. It is now used daily by data recovery professionals in laboratories around the world.

In independent bench tests against other leading recovery software, Rapid Recovery™ was on average able to recover files in 12% more cases than any other software.

That's why Rapid Recovery™ is recommended as the number one software of choice by fifteen premier data recovery laboratories worldwide.


Software Features

Rapid Recovery™ can quickly and easily recover data in the following instances:

  • Deleted files
  • Lost partitions
  • Bad sectors
  • Hard drive failure
  • Formatted/damaged drives
  • Virus attacks
  • Software malfunction
  • USB drives
  • Digital camera and flash cards

PLUS Rapid Recovery™ comes with Vista D-Cryptor – the only software that can repair lost and damaged Microsoft Vista® BitLocker encrypted partitions Absolutely FREE!


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