About Us

Rapid Recovery was established by three leading digital forensic investigators credited with over a decade of technical expertise and experience behind them in uncovering complex cases of digital crime. During their distinguished careers, they faced increasingly tough challenges as digital devices proliferated, the Internet gained in popularity and cyber-criminals became more savvy and harder to catch. In response, powerful software algorithms were created that could help to investigate faintest data trails back to the source and recover data from almost any medium, despite all efforts to destroy it by the perpetrators of digital crime.

After a long stint in helping law-enforcement agencies tackle digital offences of all kinds and collect digital and electronic evidence that would be admissible in a court of law, the founders of the company – aware of the serious shortcoming and drawbacks of the existing DIY data-recovery software, decided to make available to the wider world the formidable capabilities of forensic software for recovering lost data. After one year of laboratory and practical testing, the company launched its DIY data recovery product, Rapid Recovery™.

The software on its launch was an immediate success. Rapid Recovery have not looked back since and are well on their way to becoming the undisputed leader in shrink-wrapped data-recovery software market. In a short time, Rapid Recovery has revolutionized the DIY data-recovery industry. It has earned the respect and trust of customers for recovering their precious data and getting them back on their feet as soon as possible with minimum possible cost and delay.

Rapid Recovery is the fastest growing brand in the Do It Yourself (DIY) data-recovery software industry. Ever since its launch, it has been on a steep growth curve. Rapid Recovery products are highly reputed in the global market place for their quality, reliability and value for money.

Secret of Our Success

The secret to Rapid Recovery’s ongoing success is that the company’s product is based on unique insights and expertise gained from working on the bleeding edge of digital forensics. It offers the most effective way to recover your lost data than anything else currently available in the market.

Every year, a large chunk of the company’s turnover is pumped back into cutting-edge R&D. The company have a crack team of software engineers which is continuously developing new proprietary capabilities to add to the software and enhancing the algorithms to make Rapid Recovery even more potent, user-friendly and reliable for all storage media existing in the market.

The technical team is backed by the company’s dedicated customer service representatives who are patient and helpful and leave no stone unturned in offering world-class after-sale service and support to buyers. They train to the very highest standards and ensure every customer leaves with a solution that generates 100 percent professional satisfaction.

What makes the company different is its specialization and single-mindedness. The company are totally focussed on delivering the best-in-class DIY data recovery software and do not dabble in anything else (which is not the case with most of the company’s competitors). The company believe expanding into other products or areas, such as in-lab data recovery or data management, will dilute the company’s efforts. It maintains a laser-like focus on Rapid Recovery DIY software without distraction.


Rapid Recovery is truly a company with a global outlook. The company’s state-of-the-art data recovery product is sold through the company’s website as well as OEM partners and retail stores in over a dozen countries around the world, including the US, Europe and Asia. The company have thousands of satisfied customers in every continent who are appreciative of the technologically-advanced features and the reliability the company’s software offers at a very competitive price, backed up with prompt after-sales support.


“Constant Research and Innovation”

The company’s mission is to create the most powerful, advanced and effective DIY data-recovery software in the market and make it available to customers around the world at a very competitive price. For this we are committed to incorporating the latest technological breakthroughs in the company’s product through massive investment in the company’s R&D lab and maintaining a very highly qualified and experienced technical team.

“Constant research and innovation” is the mantra which drives all the company’s product development efforts. It helps it maintain the company’s lead in the market and routinely set new standards in software development for their competitors to follow.

The company’s goal is to enable self-service Rapid Recovery software to become globally recognized as an effective, cheap, reliable, simple-to-use product and the best all-round alternative to expensive and time-consuming professional recovery services. The philosophy of being ‘the best’ in whatever we do is what energises and empowers us to develop creative and unique solutions to the challenge of data recovery.

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