Who Endorses Us?

Rapid Recovery™ is an industry-leading data recovery software that is regularly used by leading data recovery laboratories around the world. Below is a list of professional data recovery companies that not only use Rapid Recovery™ day-to-day but endorsed it as the best DIY Data Recovery software available for Home and Small Business users:

  • Fields Data Recovery (3 Laboratories in the USA, 2 Laboratories in the UK, 2 Laboratories in Germany, 1 Laboratory in Canada and 1 Laboratory in Italy)
  • Rapid Data Recovery (2 Laboratories in the USA and 2 Laboratories in the UK)
  • Clinique de Donnees (1 Laboratory in France)
  • IT-Services 24 (Laboratory in Germany)
  • Pro-Datenrettung (Laboratory in Germany)

If in the unlikely event that our software doesn't recover your lost data, you can send your digital media (Freepost) to any of the authorized data recovery laboratories listed above for a FREE Diagnostic, FREE Evaluation AND THE COST OF OUR SOFTWARE TAKEN OFF YOUR BILL!

AND if our affiliated data recovery companies can't recover your data then you get a FULL 100% REFUND!

CAUTION: If a disk has severe corruption and/or physical problems then it is advised to seek the advice of a professional data recovery professional. See our list of authoriszd laboratories

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List of Authorized Dealers

Authorized Dealers

Texas Central Office
Fields Data Recovery
4801 Woodway Drive,
Suite 300 East
TX 77056
Tel: 713 513 4870
Fax: 713 965 0239
California Pacific Office
Fields Data Recovery
2880 Zanker Road,
Suite 203
San Jose,
CA 95134
Tel: 408 449 4505
Fax: 408 432 7235
Canada Head Office
Fields Data Recovery
675 Cochrane Drive
East Tower
6th Floor
L3R 0B8
Tel: 866 443 4260
Fax: 905 530 2001
European Head Office
Fields Data Recovery
Fields House
Old Fields Road
Bocam Park
CF35 5LJ
Tel: 01656 673362
Fax: 01656 673361
South East Regional Office
Fields Data Recovery
Crown House
72 Hammersmith Road
W14 8TH
Tel: 0207 3108022
Fax: 0207 3108023
France Head Office
Clinique de Donnees
13 rue Camille Desmoulins
92441 Issy Les Moulineaux
Tel: 0800 904 938
Fax: 0158 042 300
German Southern Regional Office
Daten Phoenix
Feringastrasse 6
München Unterföhring
85774 Munich
Tel: 0800 182 5854
Fax: 030 20 659 200
Sede di Roma
Salvataggio Dati
Viale Luca Gaurico 9/11
00143 Roma
Tel: 800 870 575
Fax: 06 5483 4000
Spain Head Office
Clnica de Datos
Calle Lopez de Hoyos 35
Madrid 28002
Tel: 0632191774
Fax: 0917459999
Middle East Office
Fields Data Recovery
Po Box 54620
Dubai 54620
United Arab Emirates
Tel: 04 214 9675
Fax: 04 214 9501

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