Head Office

Rapid Recovery head office hosts over 70 fulltime employees, including managerial, administrative and technical staff. All employees are focussed on delivering phenomenal value for your money. They are the company’s most valuable resource crucial to the company’s ongoing success.

The spacious and environmentally-friendly office, with maximum natural lighting and water conservation features, is spread across two floors of a newly, purpose-built, ultra modern building. Most of the company operations, such as: R&D, finance, sales and marketing and customer support are handled from here.

Rapid Recovery believes in continuous innovation to make all areas of its business operations better and more efficient. At the centre of the company’s drive for technical excellence are world-class, state-of-the-art R&D and digital forensic laboratories. Here, a core team of over 30 highly qualified and dedicated engineers are always pushing the frontiers of data-recovery technology.

Rapid Recovery has regular skill-upgrade programmes and refresher courses to enhance the skills and insights of its software engineers. The laboratories are spread across an entire floor and equipped with the latest machines, tools and customised software. This infrastructure and cutting-edge research is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. It ensures that Rapid Recovery retains its reputation for engineering innovation and allows for regularly launching new versions of its world-class data recovery software.

Everything aspect of the company’s operations (i.e. the premise’s site plan, placement of cubicles, WiFi broadband connections, conference rooms and its paging system) are geared toward boosting operational efficiency and a fast pace of work. The building layout and interiors are functional, designed with a view to facilitate face-to-face human interaction and teamwork.

There are no long organisational charts or hierarchy. The management structure is flat and we ensure that everybody remains within minimal communication distance of the decision-maker. Employees are empowered to take all decisions on their own which fall within their circle of competence. Decision-making lead times are minimized and team meetings can be held spontaneously as new challenges arise in a project.

There is a free-flow of ideas and regular lively brainstorming sessions are encouraged. However, once a decision has been taken, it is implemented firmly and nobody is allowed to deviate from the agreed strategy until completion. The work atmosphere is driven by a combination of firmness, flexibility and discipline.

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