Company History

The story of Rapid Recovery began soon after the turn of the new millennium, when three industry leading British digital forensic investigators met to discuss an idea that had been haunting them for months. Digital forensics as a science had made rapid strides in the last few years, benefiting law-enforcement agencies tremendously.

There were new technological breakthroughs and advances. Unique software capabilities and algorithms had been developed by engineers to track down perpetrators of digital crime by tracing their data trail and recovering even the last possible shred of information from storage devices that seemed destroyed beyond salvage.

The question occupying the investigators’ minds; “Why not make available the cutting-edge capabilities and latest advances of digital forensic software to everybody as a potent data-recovery software?” Grounded in this idea, Rapid Recovery was established in 2002 with the mandate to incorporate the deep insights and technical knowledge of the founders (all digital forensic investigators) into readily-available, and comparatively inexpensive, data recovery software that anybody could use with ease.

To launch the Do It Yourself (DIY) data recovery software, Rapid Recovery’s technical team put before itself many benchmarks and objectives. The foremost was that the software was to have the ability to successfully tackle any kind of data recovery challenge faced by the typical user. For this, the awesome recovery capabilities of the latest digital forensic programmes were sought to be transferred to the new software.

One of the other objectives of the team of developers was to make Rapid Recovery totally non-destructive. A special process was invented to protect user data from self-inflicted damage in the unlikely event that the software was not able to recover it. The key to this was to develop Rapid Recovery as a strictly “read only” programme that makes no changes to the data-storage media.

The Rapid Recovery software was accordingly designed and developed by digital forensic specialists and bench-tested by engineers specialising in data recovery. Due to this, there is hardly any data-recovery challenge that Rapid Recovery DIY software cannot meet on its own.

Long Term Commitment to Customers

Customer convenience and value for money has always been a priority for our company. As a result of this philosophy, Rapid Recovery is consistently one of the most competitively priced recovery software available in the market. What is more, there is absolutely no licensing required for its use; customers can run the software again and again on the same computer as many times as they want.

In an in-house survey commissioned by us, it was discovered that over 96 percent of our customers would not only opt for Rapid Recovery software again but also recommend it to others who are facing data-loss situations.

Latest Version

The latest version has been declared by some of the world’s leading data-recovery laboratories as ‘ideal for the job’ because of its exceptional 97 percent recovery rate. Now Rapid Recovery is also endorsed by 15 top data-recovery laboratories as the Number One DIY software available in the market today, as it now works on almost all digital media and is able to recover 12 percent more files than leading off-the-shelf data-recovery software.*

Rapid Recovery has also been designed for ease of installation and use, with an intuitive interface and extensive help features. This ideal combination of phenomenal capabilities, user-friendliness, reliability (non-destructive character) and liberal licensing terms ensures that the latest version of Rapid Recovery will continue to be just as popular. It is now the undisputed leader among the DIY data-recovery software available in the market.

The Future

Rapid Recovery has not only maintained a healthy lead in the industry over its competitors but also emerged as one of the fastest growing brands in the DIY data-recovery industry. It is today as popular with ordinary computer users as with professional data-recovery companies and service providers to recover critical data from a variety of tough situations that other recovery packages don’t even begin to attempt.

The reasons for the fast-track success of Rapid Recovery are difficult to appreciate. Constant innovation, combined with new technical advances, and listening to customer feedback, makes the software consistently better and better with each new version. This, and other crucial initiatives such as an efficient and prompt after-sales support, will help ensure our software’s popularity in the future.

Rapid Recovery is committed to maintaining its leadership position in the years to come with cutting-edge research and newer product launches as well as establishing highest standards of market competitiveness, responsiveness to customer needs and operational efficiency.

* In independent bench tests

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