Recovering Data From iPods

iPods have taken the world by storm. They are currently the hottest selling digital multimedia device. Nothing else can match their "Oomph!" quotient in the entire consumer electronics market. Since they were introduced in October 2001 – with their trademark white earphones – over a 100 million have been shipped by Apple worldwide and the demand just does not show any sign of abating. Apple has launched many versions of iPod like Nano, Mini and Shuffle, some of them video-capable.

What is amazing is how these tiny devices can store thousands of songs in so small a space, a far cry from just some years ago when we used to sling Sony Walkmans the size of bricks from our belts. Now, iPods are such a rage, Levi’s has introduced iPod-compatible jeans!

iPods are portable MP3 media players. (There are other such MP3 players too designed by different companies like Creative Zen Micro.) The secret to their huge storage capacity is flash memory cards or micro hard drives that have a capacity of as much as 80 GB.

This enormous digital storage capacity has its own uses. Did you know iPods make excellent data storage devices by running them in the Disk Mode? You can actually store your computer data in them treat them like portable hard disks! They support FireWire and USB 2.0, ensuring fast data transfer speeds. And with their storage capacity now matching commonly available computer hard disks, their use as alternative data storage media is nothing to be scoffed at. Indeed, they are increasingly being perceived as business devices too.

iPods can store thousands of multimedia files – songs, video, graphics, pictures – along with a huge amount of computer data. These songs usually take months and even years to hunt on the Net and download depending on the individual taste of the iPod owner. They cost money too because of the downloading charges from the media companies as well as the Internet service provider.

What if the entire data is lost from the iPod at one stroke? There are dozens of ways you can lose iPod data due to hardware or software errors. You may drop it to the ground. It may get immersed in some liquid or crushed underfoot. There may be operating system errors or the storage device – tiny hard drive or flash memory card – may malfunction or become damaged.

Then there are user-inflicted errors. What if you accidentally delete a bunch of songs? What if someone mishandles the iPod in your absence? The worse is that hardly anyone keeps an iPod backup on their computers. When people lose all their multimedia files from the iPod, they don’t know which way to turn to get it all back.

Regardless of how you lose your data from your iPod, it certainly is a full-fledged disaster. Who wants to go through all that grind again and start from scratch with a blank memory? Building the entire collection may again take years of effort, with double the cost.

Rapid Recovery DIY data recovery software is read-only and totally non-destructive. It is easy to use for lay users and has world-class capabilities to retrieve all data from your iPod. It works in all cases, whether the songs, pictures and video as well as computer files it holds have been corrupted, damaged or deleted due to hardware abuse or software errors.

Rapid Recovery has special and very powerful algorithms built into the software to extract multimedia files from damaged iPods. It can recover and restore all iPod data within minutes even if the hard disk or flash memory of the device has been accidentally reformatted, the entire data has been reset to zero, there has been a virus attack, the system was not shut down properly or the dreaded error message “drive not formatted” is displayed.

Rapid Recovery works with all versions of iPod (Nano, Shuffle, Mini, U2, home stereo and so on) as well as MP3 players manufactured by companies other than Apple, regardless of whether you used Windows or Mac operating systems to store the files.

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