Recovering AutoCAD Files

AutoCAD programme created by AutoDesk company has for a long time been the industry leader in the field of computer-aided design. It is widely used by engineers, professional designers and architects to draw accurate and realistic vector graphics blueprints and drawings of their projects.

AutoCAD today is a very powerful software that offers solid modelling and 3D tools that can turn out highly complex and sophisticated drawings with a high degree of customisation and automation. Its file format .dwg is the industry standard for saving and exchanging all files generated by CAD applications. AutoCAD comes in various versions, from light to heavy. There is even a version specially designed for students.

It is obvious that AutoCAD files represent days and months of man-hours spent in pouring over every minute detail and aspect of the design and building it from scratch bit by bit. It is laborious work and takes combined effort of many qualified people. If AutoCAD files are lost, it is a serious setback to the entire project in terms of time schedule, missed deadlines and cost over-runs and everyone has to start work all over again.

How can AutoCAD files suddenly get lost or become inaccessible to the designers? This may be due to hardware or software errors. The data storage media may have bad sectors due to which the file becomes unreadable. Other reasosns may be:

  • The reformatting of the hard disk
  • The hard disk crashing
  • The accidental or deliberate deleting of files
  • The emptying of the Recycle Bin
  • A sudden power surge, virus attack, software corruption or damage
  • Also, an abrupt system shutdown, download disconnect and so on

An AutoCAD file becoming inaccessible or lost due to any reason is quite frustrating. Rapid Recovery™ DIY data recovery has special built-in support for extracting AutoCAD files that have been deleted, damaged or lost due to any cause. It has unique and powerful algorithms designed to make a low level scan of the entire hard disk or any other storage media such as USB drives, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, floppy drives, etc., identify the structure of the AutoCAD file and make a complete recovery, all in a matter of minutes. You are back on your feet in no time.

Rapid Recovery™ has an intuitive interface that allows anyone without any training or special knowledge to conduct a full recovery because of a high degree of built-in automation. It supports all versions of AutoCAD and is a totally non-destructive way of recovering your data safe and sound.


Rapid Recovery™ can perform a scan for specific common file types such as:

  • Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro images.
  • Digital Camera JPEGs.
  • Video Files.

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