Complete Hard Drive Scan

The hard drive is the main data storage device in your computer. This is where resides all your critical data – text files, spreadsheets, pictures, graphics, multimedia files, software programmes, operating system, and every other shred of data that you have stored on your computer.

Obviously, it is in your interest to ensure that the hard disk remains healthy and in good shape and your data is stored safe and sound. If the hard disk crashes or goes bad – and this happens every day to thousands of computers worldwide – It takes down all your precious data with it and you are left in the lurch. You cannot open or retrieve any of the files and all work comes to a standstill.

Some data is just very difficult to replace – the only copy of a book manuscript, customer records, accounts files, engineering drawings, R&D reports, rare photos, etc. Hard disk failures cause massive damage to organisations and individuals and many companies just cannot cope with the data loss and fold up for good.

Hard disks are an amazing piece of engineering. They basically are made up of a series of circular platters arranged vertically, all of which are sealed inside a metal box. The platters have a thin magnetic coating on their surface on top of which all data is stored as magnetic patterns.

When you switch on the hard disk, the platters begin to spin at a very high speed by a powerful spindle motor. The read / write head is suspended less than a hair’s breadth over the platter surface, reading and writing the data. Much can go wrong with a hard disk because it is technologically a very complex machine, which makes it all the more necessary for you to keep an eye on its health and constitution.

The powerful utility conducts a full diagnostic of your hard disk – scans its surface fully, identifies and maps out the bad sectors. It is important to identify bad sectors and file system errors on a hard disk as they do not allow your computer, laptop or any other digital device to work to its maximum potential. Bad sectors slow down the machine and interfere with ordinary tasks such as saving data.

Features of Rapid Recovery™ Scan Disk tool:

  • Recovers all types of files from NTFS and FAT32 file systems.
  • Deep, low-level file system scanning and analysis to maximise your chances of finding deleted or lost data.
  • Can recover specific file types from any file system using a powerful signature scan.
  • Can recover from accidental deletion or even formatted disks!
  • Can recreate file and folder structure from corrupt or deleted partitions

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