Guiding Philosophy and Principles

The phenomenal success of Rapid Recovery Ltd. is built over the bedrock of our core principles and guiding philosophy. These together define our character and constitute the moral and intellectual compass that keeps us oriented in everything we do.

In the day-to-day grind of chasing schedules and meeting deadlines, they are the shining beacon that constantly reminds us of the larger purpose for which we exist – to be on the cutting edge of technology, to constantly push back the frontiers, to raise the bar higher and higher and make the world a better place.

Loyalty and Commitment

Rapid Recovery is driven by a deep sense of commitment and loyalty to all its stakeholders – customers, resellers, employees and investors. They are our first and topmost priority and we always remain aware of our tremendous responsibility of creating more and more value for them.

Leadership, Not Also-rans

When Rapid Recovery enters a field, it always guns for the top. We do not want to be also-rans. We do not want to be a close second. Instead, we have an inner drive that pushes us relentlessly to dominate the market field and set new standards for others to follow. All our efforts and resources are geared toward becoming the Number One in every area in which we operate. We never rest on our laurels and we are never satisfied with where we stand at the moment. We want to be the best there is.

Technical Advancement and Engineering Excellence

Our work revolves around world-class software engineering and creating new technical breakthroughs in the field of data recovery. Research and development runs in our organisational ethos and we take no shortcuts. We go all the way and pump in resources and people to make our products better, more powerful and more convenient for the users. We believe in the philosophy of “constant improvement.” Our engineers are obsessed with the question: “How can this product be made even better?”

Ethical Behaviour and Transparency

Rapid Recovery swears by ethical behaviour and conduct. All our processes are transparent. We do not make exaggerated claims. We do not pretend to be what we are not. In all our dealings, honesty, integrity and ethics are our guiding principles. We believe in long-term relationships which we are sure can only be established if both the partners to a deal walk away happy. With us, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden corners and there is no fine print.

Thinking Out of the Box

Rapid Recovery does not believe in following in other people’s footprints. Our employees are encouraged to come up with unique solutions to all problems and challenges facing them. We regularly brainstorm and reward creativity. We are rebels at heart. We challenge the established ways of the doing things. We question long-held customs and procedures. We think out of the box. We take nothing for granted just because it has always been the way things were being done traditionally. “Can’t this be done another way?” is our favourite question.

Thinking Long Term

We are here for the long haul. We do not take a short-term view of things. This helps us place all our day-to-day decisions, challenges and strategy sessions in the correct perspective. That is why we are not shy of making significant investments in R&D, expansion and growth of our company. We are patient and never lose sight of the long-term goals. We think ahead.

Social Responsibility

We are aware that we do not operate in a vacuum. We are social creatures and accept our social responsibilities. We try to give back more than we have received from those around us. We are environment-conscious because we know that Earth is the only living planet in the universe and humans have no where else to go.

Our “green” office is streamlined to save paper and energy and create as less waste as possible. We avoid wastage of all kinds and conserve water and electricity. Our buildings are suffused with natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting. We regularly contribute to charities and match our employee's contributions to any charity of their choice.

Customers First

We realise that customers are our biggest assets. They are the reason why we exist. That is why customers are our top priority. Everything we do ultimately revolves around fulfilling their needs. Customer feedback is taken very seriously by us and entered into a comprehensive database. It is referred to again and again when our engineers design new versions of Rapid Recovery products. Such feedback is of great help to us in streamlining our procedures and launching new initiatives.

We believe that we do not market a mere product but an entire experience to the customer. From the time they pick up our software package to when they call customer support for feedback, queries or technical assistance, our company strives to offer them a pleasant experience at each stage.

Communication and Keeping Everyone in the Loop

Rapid Recovery believes in effective communication and keeping everyone informed. Resellers receive regular information bulletins and emails from us announcing new features and products in the pipeline and other news about our company that might be of interest to them. We communicate with the customers through advertising campaigns and media reports. Our employees meet and brainstorm new ideas, amidst free flow of information.

We consider communication to be a two-way street. That is why we encourage direct feedback from our resellers and customers about any area of our business. We believe in working as a team, not as a lone ranger. For us, we and our customers and resellers are one inseparable unit.

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