Recovering Deleted or Lost Graphics

Graphics are of many types logos, clip art, cartoons, comic strips, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, maps, line art, engineering and technical drawings, symbols, paintings, and so on. They may be created on computer using a wide range of software programmes like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Macromedia Freehand.

Graphics design is a specialised field. Graphics are intellectual property because they represent artistic and creative work. In order to create a graphic, such as a company logo, and individual can take days or even weeks with many hours of conceptualisation and brainstorming. It is the same case with technical line drawings that represent collective effort of many engineers spread over months, or maps that are a result of a year-long surveying by cartographers.

Graphics files existing on a computer may be lost in a number of ways accidental or deliberate deletion by the user and emptying of the Recycle Bin, virus attack, hard drive reformatting or crash, file corruption and software errors. Any of these may result in data loss that may turn into a full fledged crisis situation for individuals and companies. Data loss has its consequences in terms of lost man hours and money that would be spent in creating that data all over again. There are missed deadlines and arguments with the clients.

Rapid Recovery DIY data-recovery software has special support for recovering lost or deleted graphics files of a vast range of formats, such as jpeg, tiff, psd, bmp and so on. Its unique and powerful built-in algorithms are tailor-made to make a very low level scan of the entire storage media to identify and extract any kind of graphic, either vector or bitmap, built by almost all graphic designing software available in the market.

Rapid Recovery is very simple to use by anyone without any special knowledge or training.

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