Get Your Data Back or Your Money Back With Rapid Recovery

If the DIY software is unable to recover your lost data, the company undertakes to get it professionally recovered at its own expense

Rapid Recovery, the undisputed industry leader in DIY data-recovery packages, has launched a revolutionary “Your Data Back or Your Money Back” offer as a thank-you gift for its customers to mark the successful completion of five years of market domination by the company.

Customers looking to recover their data are often anxious and nervous about the risk involved. What if the DIY recovery software they buy is unable to do the job and their hard-earned money is wasted? What if the recovery gets messed up and the software makes things worse? What if they are forced to take the media to a professional recovery company which may charge as much as a thousand pounds or more to clear the mess and extract the data?

Rapid Recovery has come up with the perfect solution to this problem – the company undertakes to bear all the risks involved in the recovery, instead of the customers. It will foot the entire bill to get the data professionally recovered if its world-renowned recovery DIY software is unable to extract it.

Says Rapid Recovery director Richard Lewis: “Our customers are our number one priority. We are always striving to protect their interests and brainstorming how to give them more and more value for the same amount of money. With our ‘data-back-or-money-back' offer, they would neither lose their data, nor their money. It is an unheard-of, incredible offer that takes all the risk away from our customers and transfers it to our shoulders. They absolutely have nothing to lose. This offer goes to show how confident we are about our data-recovery product. Risk-free data recovery is the perfect gift to our customers on our fifth anniversary.”

The latest edition of the extremely powerful Rapid Recovery software has been totally re-engineered and expanded, based on new technical breakthroughs and customer feedback. It is loaded with a slew of new features that are unique and unmatched by other run-of-the-mill recovery software available in the market.

Rapid Recovery is a “read-only” program that employs a totally non-destructive process to protect your data from self-inflicted damage in the very unlikely event of the software not being able to recover it. The software works on almost all digital media and offers an industry leading industry rate of 97 percent, the reason why it has been endorsed as Number One DIY software by 15 laboratories spread around the world.

What is the reason for this remarkable success in just five years of the company's operations? Lewis explains that it is the phenomenal quality and reliability of the product.

“The Rapid Recovery software has a very distinguished pedigree. It was designed and developed by forensic software specialists and bench-tested by professional data recovery engineers. It is the distillation of insights and experience that forensic investigators gained over many decades cracking formidable data recovery challenges. It was originally meant to be used by law enforcement agencies in criminal cases and that is why there is hardly any data that it cannot extract from a variety of media. We keep modifying the software and adding new features with each new technical advance by our scientists and experts.”

Rapid Recovery was on average able to repair 12 percent more files than leading recovery software, independent bench tests have shown. One of the most customer-features of the software is that there in no licensing required. The clients can use it again and again on the same computer or even other computers as many times as they want. Rapid Recovery is quite easy to install, simple to use and works with both MAC and PC operating systems.

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