Recovering Music and Video Files

Imagine losing your favourite music or the first ever photos of your children! Has it happened to you?

In recent years, music and video have all become digitised. Information technology has revolutionised the entertainment industry and there is a plethora of digital devices – digital cameras, digital video cameras, mobile phones with embedded digital cameras and video, multimedia MP3 players (such as the phenomenally successful Apple iPod) that run both audio and video files, etc.

There are many websites from where audio and video files can be downloaded to your computer, MP3 player or even any mobile phone that supports multimedia. You can also source them from CDs and DVDs and save them on your hard disk. Or you can create your own personal audio and video files by using digital video cameras.

For those who really like to hear and see songs and movies, collecting digital music and video files (including full-length movies and music albums) one by one and building a collection suited to one’s taste takes a lot of time. It also involves a tidy sum spent in buying music and video files from various websites as well as data transfer charges by Internet service providers. Then there are some music and video files that are difficult to replace. Who can re-shoot the digital video clips of your world tour or the first-ever unsteady steps of your baby?

What if the unthinkable happens and all this data becomes inaccessible or lost at the blink of an eye? That is a shock from which it is not easy to recover. You lose a collection accumulated over years at a great cost and effort, as well as personal multimedia flies that are impossible to replace.

All your audio and video files may be lost suddenly due to many reasons – file corruption and damage, virus or worm attack, power surge, accidental deletion by user and emptying of Recycle Bin, resetting all data in MP3 players, software and operating system errors, abrupt system shutdown, reformatting of storage media, hardware errors such as damaged media (hard drive or memory cards), bad sectors on hard disk, and physical trauma (for example, exposure to intense heat or water).

Rapid Recovery™ DIY data recovery software is a powerful and very capable data recovery solution for recovering your audio and video files from hard disks and other digital devices. It incorporates unique algorithms that have been specially designed by engineers to extract damaged or lost multimedia files of almost all formats and types from a wide range of devices. The interface is intuitive and the software can be easily operated by anyone without any special training or knowledge and with minimum user involvement.

Rapid Recovery™ works with Windows operating systems and comes with a liberal life-time-free license regime that allows you to use the software as often as you like on one computer. It is a totally non-destructive and safe way of recovering your precious multimedia files.


  • Recovers all types of music and video files from NTFS and FAT32 file systems.
  • Can recover specific types of music and video from any file system using a powerful signature scan.
  • Can recover from accidental deletion or even formatted disks!
  • Can recreate file and folder structure from corrupt or deleted partitions.

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