Rapid Recovery Offers Vista D-Cryptor™ Absolutely Free

The world-class DIY recovery software now comes bundled with even more value for money

Rapid Recovery Ltd., the global trend-setter in DIY data recovery software, has announced the launch of the BitLocker Edition of its top-selling program Rapid Recovery ™. The latest edition of the software comes bundled with a free BitLocker decryption facility called Vista D-Cryptor ™ that is so potent, it has been used by law-enforcement officials.

Says Rapid Recovery director Jamie Wallis: “This is yet another initiative from us to provide our customers with maximum value for their hard-earned money. Unlike most freeware given away by other companies which is mostly worthless, Vista D-Cryptor ™ is a very useful and valuable piece of program. If you are using the Windows Vista operating system, it is the only software than can repair lost or encrypted partitions. In fact, the only way you can recover your lost data from hard drives is by using BitLocker.”

BitLocker is widely used by police investigators, private detectives and data-recovery companies to track and extract missing data from computers and laptops that are running the Vista operating system. Rapid Recovery™ harnesses this power of BitLocker to provide a step-by-step PC-based process to find lost partitions and restore files from computers using Windows Vista.

Explains Mr Wallis: “BitLocker is a form of data encryption that is integrated into Windows Vista. It provides encryption for the entire operating system and is essential for un-encryption of files residing on computer hard drives. BitLocker is absolutely necessary to initiate any kind of recovery process. We are providing this crucial software absolutely free with Rapid Recovery™ along with simple-to-follow instructions. The latter enable users to carry out a quick and no-hassle recovery of lost data.”

Rapid Recovery™ is a very powerful but cost-effective DIY data recovery that has been designed and developed by investigators in the field of digital forensics with decades of experience and insight behind them. It can quickly detect and recover data from deleted files, lost partitions, hard drive failures, reformatted or damaged drives, virus attack, software malfunction, Outlook and Thunderbird emails, USB drives, digital cameras and flash cards. It can even recover data when the operating system has failed.

Rapid Recovery™ is one of the world's top selling DIY data recovery software that is used by leading laboratories around the globe. It has been endorsed by 15 of them as the best DIY data recovery software available in the market for home and small business users. Rapid Recovery™ comes with lifetime multiple-use license and free updates.

Rapid Recovery™ can extract data from a comprehensive range of media and formats, such as CD and DVD disks, hard disks, flash camera cards (lost or deleted pictures from digital cameras), USB drives, RAID systems, IPOD, PDF and Photoshop files, deleted Auto-CAD files, music and video files as well as graphics, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, ZIP files, tax files, formatted drives and so on.

Among its other benefits, Rapid Recovery™ offers an unmatched recovery rate of 97 percent and a non-destructive (“read-only”) way of recovering data files. It can reconstruct the file system and sports advanced physical disk recognition (RR and RS only).

Because of its reliability, versatility and very high probability of recovering data from a wide variety of media, Rapid Recovery™ is the number one choice of many data recovery companies for recovering lost digital data. The same functionality – enhanced with new, customer-friendly features – has now been made available to the average user.

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