Recovering Photos and Video Clippings from Digital and Phone Cameras

Digital cameras are replacing traditional film cameras at a very rapid pace. Why have they become so popular? Digital cameras offer amazing benefits over traditional film cameras. Digital cameras offer fantastic flexibility in use and have an immense storage capacity; you can actually store over a thousand pictures in a 2 GB memory card.

The digital cameras store all their data – like pictures and video clips – in small memory cards. This data is volatile and can disappear due to a number of hardware or software causes, leaving the user high and dry.

Common causes of data loss from digital cameras:

Hardware Trauma:

  1. Dropped your camera in the river while taking that boat shot.
  2. It got roasted along with the steak when it fell into the campfire or you kept it too close to the barbeque.
  3. Someone sat on the camera or stepped on it accidentally.
  4. You packed used memory cards too tightly into the suitcase and they got cracked, bent out of shape or damaged in some other way.

Software Errors:

  1. You deleted some pictures by mistake.
  2. You reformatted the memory card, wiping out all the pictures and videos.
  3. The operating system of the camera has developed a fault.
  4. You have overwritten previous picture with a new one.
  5. The card cannot be recognised by the camera.
  6. The data in the memory card has become corrupted and the camera cannot make sense of it.
  7. You used your camera's memory card with camera of some other brand and all your pictures disappeared before you could say "cheese".
  8. The camera was still writing data on the memory card when you pulled out the card or switched off the camera.

What to do if your digital camera has experienced data loss and the precious photos you took of your brother’s wedding have disappeared?

Stop using the camera immediately. Otherwise, there is a danger that the operating system may overwrite the data on the memory card with some other files. Attach it to a computer and run Rapid Recovery™ DIY data recovery software.

Rapid Recovery™ is very capable of recovering pictures and video clippings from your stand-alone digital cameras as well as camera phones in all the above mentioned cases of hardware and software damage. This is because very powerful algorithms were specially built into the software to extract even the last ounce of data from the memory cards.

Rapid Recover works with almost all digital camera and phone brands and supports a comprehensive array of file types and data storage formats. It is a totally non-destructive way of rescuing pictures and video clips in a matter of minutes.


  • Recovers all types of pictures and video files from FAT32 formatted memory cards.
  • Can recover specific types of pictures and video from any file system using a powerful signature scan.
  • Can recover from accidental deletion or even formatted memory cards!
  • Can recreate file and folder structure from corrupt or deleted cards.

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