Rapid Recovery™ Reseller Program

Rapid Recovery™ is one of the world's hottest selling DIY data-recovery software that has been declared by world's leading laboratories as ideal for home users, small business users, corporate users, professionals, business executives and any individual who wants to urgently recover any kind of data that has got lost or accidentally deleted. This may include pictures, graphics, music files, video files, PDF documents, Photoshop files, spreadsheets, Word and PowerPoint documents, Zip files, tax files and so on.

Using cutting-edge technology and the latest breakthroughs in software engineering, Rapid Recovery™ can extract lost data from computers, laptops, digital cameras, CDs and DVDs (all versions), USB drives, IPods, flash memory cards and almost every other data storage media one can imagine.

Rapid Recovery™ DIY software's versatility, reliability, pedigree and compatibility with a wide range of data formats and storage media ensures that anyone who uses a digital device in some way for any kind of work (including individuals, institutions, businesses, companies, government agencies, not-for-profit organisations) is a potential customer. It is a huge and rapidly-growing market out there with millions of potential customers and most of them still remain un-reached.

Do you want to be a part of the Rapid Recovery™ success story?

The Rapid Recovery™ Reseller Network

As a Rapid Recovery™ reseller, you will be part of a 700-strong team spread all over the world. You will benefit from attractive commission on each sale, a one-point contact (accounts manager) in our company who will oversee your account (backed by a quick escalation mechanism if you want to speak to someone even higher) and a very high degree of transparency and professionalism.

Commissions and Discounts

As a Rapid Recovery™ Reseller, you will receive a very generous 25 percent commission on sale of every copy of Rapid Recovery™ DIY data recovery software. If you do not want to make a direct sale, then you can set a referral link on your website pointing to Rapid Recovery™ and get a 25 percent payment of the sale price if anyone buys directly from that referral. Nice and easy!

Who Can Become a Reseller?

Anyone who wants to sell a cutting-edge software product. Our team of resellers includes the entire spectrum of small, medium and big retailers both in and out of information technology industry as well as enterprising individuals who wish to offer their customers latest data-recovery technology at a very competitive price, a combination not matched by anyone else in the industry.

What Kind of Support Can You Expect?

Rapid Recovery™ provides a prompt and efficient 24/7 phone, email and online support to its resellers at all stages of their business processes. All your queries commercial or technical are given immediate attention. You will also receive printed literature that details all the features and unique selling propositions of the Rapid Recovery™ DIY data recovery software which will enable you to answer all the questions of potential customers and convince them about the product.

You will regularly receive updates and bulletins about the latest technical developments, new features, upcoming software versions and new schemes and promotions. At Rapid Recovery™, we are totally geared towards providing you support that will maximise your sales and profits and help establish an enduring relationship with the customers.

Advertising and Publicity Support

Our well-oiled advertising and publicity machinery ensures that Rapid Recovery™ DIY data recovery software constantly remains in news and views. We issue regular press releases, organise reviews in trade magazines, advertise liberally both online and offline and sponsor media articles about the capabilities of our data recovery product. You at your end will get point-of-sale promotional material like danglers, brochures and other attractive literature that can be displayed at your outlet or handed over to potential customers.

High Customer Satisfaction

A lot of our sales are through recommendations by existing customers. The cutting-edge technology used in Rapid Recovery™ software that ensures as much as 97 percent recovery rate along with liberal user terms like free updates and lifelong-licensing for multiple computers ensure happy and satisfied customers.

This builds a bond between them and you and strengthens the brand name of your business. The existing c ustomers spread the word among friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbours about the effectiveness of Rapid Recovery™ that very often translates into fresh customers.

How Do

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