Rapid Recovery™ Technical Capabilities and Expertise

All products of Rapid Recovery are built around a core of technical excellence and cutting-edge research that pushes the frontiers of software engineering. They are a testimony to the dedication and commitment of our highly qualified and experienced technicians who brainstorm, experiment, try out innovative ideas, test and retest the prototypes and finally come up with a perfect product that delivers phenomenal value for money. When launched, it sets new standards in power, reliability, quality and ease of use, something which exceeds the high-standards our customers have come to expect from us.

We at Rapid Recovery are very proud of our core team that is dedicated to doing research and development into data recovery technologies. It is made up of about 30 engineers who have years of experience behind them and are academically very highly qualified. They are hands-on people who love to roll up their sleeves and pounce on new technical challenges with a vengeance.

We have regular training programs to upgrade their skills and ensure that they are in touch with the latest international developments in software engineering and data recovery. Our team remains in touch with data-recovery professionals (academicians as well as professionals like digital forensics investigators and scientists) from all over the world who are often invited for addressing the Rapid Recovery team.

To empower them, our spacious R&D centre spread across an entire floor is equipped with latest machines, customised software and special tools. This infrastructure unmatched by anyone else in the industry gives us a capability and insight that other data-recovery companies sorely miss.

No expense is too big for us in ensuring that Rapid Recovery continues to retain the engineering edge and lead the entire industry in technical breakthroughs. This combination of a well-equipped R&D centre and the technical expertise of our engineers enable us to create data recovery products that are equal to anything else available in the market.

The Story behind Rapid Recovery™

To get an idea of how much effort we put into our products and the technical expertise we bring to bear on their development, consider our flagship product Rapid Recovery™ DIY data recovery software. The powerful software is a distillation of decades of experience and insight of specialists in digital forensics from the field of law enforcement. It was bench-tested by professional data recovery engineers.

The forensic investigators already use a version of the software to crack criminal law cases. It was heavily modified and fine-tuned to make its awesome data recovery capabilities available to the wider world. The software is now used by lay users as well as professional engineers in data-recovery labs in many countries.

Rapid Recovery™ was developed and further expanded by a team of world-renowned data recovery and computer forensics experts, consultants and specialist software engineers, and is today as reliable, efficient and powerful DIY data recovery software as anything on the market.

Is it any wonder then that when independently bench-tested against all major data recovery software available in the market, Rapid Recovery™ was able to repair 12 percent more files than most of them. This capability and a variety of features have led Rapid Recovery™ to be recommended as the Number One software of choice by 15 leading data-recovery laboratories of the world.

Specialization and Low Employee Attrition

Rapid Recovery™ has only one focus making and perfecting a world-class DIY data recovery software. We do not do anything else or try to branch out in other areas like professional data recovery or related fields. All our resources and manpower are totally concentrated on delivering a data recovery product that no one else can match in the industry. This specialization is the reason why we always remain ahead of our competitors. We live and breathe data recovery technologies.

At the heart of our excellence is our technical team of data recovery professionals who are masters of their field. Rapid Recovery™ goes out of its way to retain their talent and experience within the company. We have one of the lowest employee attrition rates in the industry, ensuring that our products keep benefiting from all the expertise accumulated by our staff over the years.

Our mission is to recover your lost data.

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