I run a computer repair shop and we get a lot of customers asking us to recover lost files. Weíve used other software in the past but your Rapid Recovery software is the best yet. Itís amazing how recovery software keeps on getting better and better Ė Iíd definitely rate your software as the best around at the moment.

Jack Snade, South Yorkshire, England. January 2008

I tried the software last night and Iíve checked this morning and I think Iíve got all the data back and everything seems to be there. Itís done an excellent job. Many thanks!

Phil DíSousa, New Zealand. January 2008 (telephone conversation)

Thanx rapid recovery u r the best! Tried prog n got all xmas fotos back!

Jake Harris, London. January 2008 (text message)

Sorry to have kept emailing you for help but Iíve never used a recovery software before Ė your customer care is brilliant! Iím useless with computers so I canít believe I recovered all my music, photos and screenplays on my own Ė your software is awesome man!

Julian Smith, Wales. December 2007

If Iíd lost those plans I would have been fired, without a doubt. I was shaking when we lost them! I downloaded your software and got one of the boys from our IT department to recover them. He said it was very good indeed. Funny thing is, since I bought your software lots of guys are bringing in old hard drives and pen drives to recover all sorts of stuff! So a big Ďthanksí from everyone on site here!

Graham Coe, Abu Dhabi. November 2007

Your Rapid Recovery software is great. I recovered everything within two and a half hours, which compared to other software I tried was lightening fast!

Lalith Silva, Colombo, Sri Lanka. October 2007

Please thank the guys who developed this software Ė it was very good indeed and easy to use Ė though I didnít use it myself, my friend did but he said it was very good indeed and he works for a computer repair business so I guess he should know! Thanks.

Michael Boyd Flattery, Cork, Ireland. September 2007

My son used your lost file software and recovered all my photos. I canít tell you how pleased I am Ė I thought we had lost them for good. I have now saved them as you suggested. I would have been devastated to have lost so many precious memories.

Ms Janice James-Jones, London. August 2007

Wow that was quick! Yesterday I was crying and now Iím smiling!!! Your software did a great recovery job Ė hopefully I wonít need it from now on cause Iíll always back up regularly from now on!

John Baumer, Vancouver, Canada. August 2007

The new edition is even better than the original program I've used successfully many times in the past - it's even easier to use and twice as powerful. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary, if you keep producing data recovery software as good as this you'll definitely be celebrating your twenty-fifth anniversary!

Michelle Jason, USA, June 2007

My hard drive just stopped working and I freaked out - I was in shock - I saw my whole life flash before me... all my life's work could be lost forever... I was suicidal! I tried your Rapid Recovery software but it only recovered 97% of my files. I was suicidal again! I then explained the situation to your customer service team and they gave me the address of the nearest authorized dealer. I sent the hard drive off and got all the files back on a DVD today. I haven't felt so relieved in my life - I'm going to backup everything I do obsessively from now on! Thank you boys.

Patrick O'Donnell, USA, June 2007

Many thanks for the best data recovery software I have tried in over 10 years. Your software is fantastic - simple, easy to use, fast and very efficient - great product. I found your product on the Internet, downloaded it and recovered the entire 250GB drive in 1 hour! It had a massive amount of irreplaceable work on it. Thank you, your product is well worth the money. I just hope I don't ever have to use it again!

Peter Paul. England, May 2007

I have an external hard drive that just hung when I clicked on the 'My Picture' folder. I couldn't access the folder at all with IE or MSDOS, which really upset me as it contained priceless, irreplaceable images. I immediately started looking online for recovery software because I didn't want to lose my kids baby pictures. Norton Disk Doctor did not work so I took a chance on Rapid Recovery. Well, thank goodness it worked first time. Thanks for making a data recovery product that really works!

Pat O'Hara, UK, May 2007

I've just used Rapid Recovery to recover my lost data; it worked perfectly and recovered all my data! I downloaded and tried one or two other products but they only recovered some of the data. Your software recovered everything and cost a lot less than I would've had to pay for professional data recovery services.

Ishmael Mohammed, USA, May 2007

Thanks for your help. Rapid Recovery works really well. I tried a few other software that promised to recover data but none of the other programs recovered any data. Rapid Recovery did recover my data. The partition table, master boot record boot sector and FAT were damaged. Rapid Recovery recovered 99% of the 20 gb of files. Again thanks!

Michael Moore, Canada, May 2007

After apparently losing all my work, I tried various DIY software to recover it. Most took between 20 and 100 hours and then just fell out!!! I tried Rapid Recovery and recovered everything within 2 hours with no missing files. I never expected such an excellent outcome. Rapid Recovery is excellent.

Juan Pablo Ferrufino, Honduras, April 2007

I thought I had lost ALL my files. However, your software not only recovered everything but it was the most intuitive, best designed software I've ever used. Your software is the best.

Gordon McDonald, UK, April 2007

Rapid Recovery is excellent. It has small footprint, easy to use, fast, well priced and it did the job no other software could do, including top-of-the-range forensics software costing over $3,000. Thanks for developing such a great product.

Juan Gomez, USA, April 2007

I am owner of a small data recovery company here in India. Last week we received broken Maxtor drive from Linux server. Before we could make a copy of all of it the drive started to fail messing file system up. We attempted recovery using usual recovery software but weren't able to view any of the file system, so tried forensics software X-Ways and EnCase. We attempted rebuild of partitions manually but still had no success. We then tried Rapid Recovery and were very pleasantly surprised to immediately see all the drive's data! It then took only 15 minutes to extract the customer's data. Well done dear sirs, excellent software! Sanjay.

Sanjay Patel, India, April 2007

I can't thank you enough! I lost my family pictures and videos for the last 7 years. I used Rapid Recovery and recovered all 4000 pictures and 50 video files. I thought it was a lost cause. Thanks again form all my family.

Neal Anderson, Dubai, April 2007

My hard drive crashed and I lost more than 5,000 photo images. Several hundred were of my children. Obviously, these photos were very valuable to me and could never be taken again. I used your recovery software and was able to save all of the photos. Thank you very much for developing an exceptional software.

Pieter Van Der Merwe, South Africa, April 2007

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for developing a superb data recovery program - it save my life! Really, I was near to tears after losing my 80G HD, I tried other programs but they were ineffective and clumsy compared to Rapid Recovery. To be honest, when I bought it I didn't expect such excellent, fast results. When I read the customer testimonials I did not believe what they said but I took the risk, recovered my files, and now I'm writing my own testimonial! The software really is excellent. Thank you very much, it's worth every penny.

Derek Thomas, Hong Kong, March 2007

I just purchased Rapid Recovery and what a great product - it saved my life! I lost 300 Gig of irreplaceable files when backing up my external drive. Rapid Recovery recovered my data within a few of hours. Thank you for such developing an amazing product. 129 dollars was worth every cent!

Terry Williams, New Zealand, March 2007

I tried several data recovery products claiming to be able to recover lost files without success; most of them said, 'No files found'. I ran the Rapid Recovery and I was elated to see the tree of folders on a disk which its file table had supposedly been corrupted and contained nothing. I recovered the files within 2 hours. Thank you Rapid Recovery.

Simon Lewis, Australia, March 2007

Your software was the only software to recover my folders and their contents. The other programs I tried failed to get past the root level folders. In my opinion, your product out performs all other data recovery products by far. I always get perfect scans and recovery results using Rapid Recovery. I'm now a reseller for your product and recommend your software to everyone

Bishan Doshi, USA, February 2007

I just used you software and I can finally see my photos again! I'm so relieved, it's unbelievable and fantastic, your software is really great. Your software saved my life. Thank you very much indeed for your help,

John Williams, UK, February 2007

I'd like to thank you for your help. The directions you provided were excellent and I was able to scan my drive and recover all my 200 Gigs of lost files. I have told all my friends about this great program. I was amazed how easy it was to use and how helpful your support staff were. Many thanks, John.

John Cable, England, January 2007

You have produced a FANTASTIC product! It saved my entire music collection and irreplaceable photos as well as my personal files and documents. I'm very grateful. I am seriously thinking of starting a business based on the use of your software or becoming a reseller of your product. It is one of the most useful programs I have ever purchased and I'd recommend it to anyone who has lost their data.

Omar Imam Abubakar, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, January 2007

My name is Varun and I am from New Delhi, India. I bought your Rapid Recovery Data Recovery Software when MFT file corruption made my hard drive crash. Rapid Recovery recovered everything in under 2 hours.

Varun Choudhry, India, January 2007

Rapid Recovery recovered over 95% of the files on my severely damaged hard drive. This drive was the back-up drive for all three of my company's computers. I'm also very grateful to your support team at Rapid Recovery for their assistance. I wish everyone at Rapid Recovery great success,

Abdul Khader, Dubai, January 2007

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