What is Vista D-Cryptor?

If your Microsoft Vista® BitLocker encrypted volume has become lost or corrupt the only way you can recover your lost data is by using Vista D-Cryptor.

Used by law enforcement agencies and data recovery companies, Vista D-Cryptor is also the only software that can repair encrypted Vista partitions and recover lost files from hard drives using Vista®. Vista D-Cryptor provides a systematic, logical, step-by-step PC based process to find lost partitions and restore data from.

BitLocker is a form of 'Volume Encryption' (or data protection) integrated into Microsoft's Windows Vista® that provides encryption for the entire Vista® Operating System (OS). Because the Vista® Operating System doesn't contain a 'backdoor', using BitLocker is essential for the un-encryption of files held on hard drives using the Vista® OS. This is essential before any recovery process can be initiated.

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Simply run the setup executable file and follow on-screen instructions.

Vista D-Cryptor was developed using the Microsoft .NET framework; therefore any prerequisites will be automatically downloaded through your Internet connection and installed automatically.

You'll receive step-by-step instructions of the simple tasks and processes required to carry out a fast and efficient recovery of lost data. Vista D-Cryptor will scan disks for missing partitions and rebuild the Master Boot Record, find lost partitions and restore them as well as unlock and repair BitLocker Encrypted Partitions.

How Does It Work?

BitLocker is logical volume encryption that ensures the integrity of your computer's trusted boot path (e.g. BIOS, boot sector, etc.); preventing offline physical attacks, boot sector malware, etc. BitLocker is extremely secure; using the AES encryption algorithm (in CBC mode) with a 128 bit key, with other diffusers for additional security. BitLocker is essential for un-encryption files on hard drives using the Vista®.

BitLocker provides three modes of operation:

1. A Compatible BIOS Mode
2. Transparent Operation Mode*
3. User Authentication Mode*

* Requires a cryptographic microchip called a 'Trusted Platform Module' (version 1.2+)

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Note: The software requires Windows Vista Ultimate Edition or Longhorn Server configured for BitLocker.

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